Actisense USG-2 USB to Serial Gateway

The Actisense™ USG-2 interface is an easy, safe and low-cost method of connecting a marine NMEA 0183 system to a USB equipped PC. Whilst protecting the most vital and expensive devices in the NMEA 0183 system, it also creates a virtual serial port that allows connection to an NMEA 0183 (RS422) marine bus link.

Total galvanic isolation is assured using an ISO-Drive output and the use of the trusted Actisense OPTO isolated input circuitry.

The ISO-Drive output offers total galvanic isolation from the input and can “float” safely up to 1500 VDC from ground. Its sophisticated circuitry is 100% compatible with the NMEA 0183 RS422, industrial RS485 and single-ended PC RS232 “COM” ports.

The USG-2 provides comprehensive isolation of the expensive PC hardware when connecting to an NMEA 0183 (RS422) bus that may have picked up potentially hazardous voltages around the electrically noisy environment of a vessel or factory, and makes installation simple due to the isolation of the PC ground from the NMEA 0183 data network ground, often the biggest cause of data errors and one of the biggest safety hazards in any electronic installation.
No external power supply is required as the cable takes all necessary power from the USB port. Simple installation using plug & play USB drivers supplied on CD allows the PC to start sending and receiving data to the NMEA 0183 data network within minutes of installation.

• 1 x HS+ Opto Input
• 1 x HS+ ISO-Drive Output
• Up to 115200 baud data transfer rate
• Full USB compliance
• Full Isolation
• Full NMEA 0183 compliance
• Creates a virtual comm port (“VCP”) on the PC


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