Admiral ECS+

Admiral Maritime Electronics, of Norway, now offers a new version of their tried and tested, professional Electronic Chart System. Version ECS+ is now available.

The software includes several major changes, including:

  • Major improvements to the screen presentation
  • Updated automatic route planning tool
  • Revised 3D presentation to show topographical data
  • Detailed background charts showing the national borders and SAR regional boundaries
  • Simple export of route waypoint coordinates to GPS or DGPS
  • Tide tables and dynamic tidal stream vector presentation
  • MS Windows 10 compatibility

The easy to use software interface, using plain English, has been retained. This makes Admiral ECS+ one of the easiest electronic navigation systems to learn and use.

The older version of the software has been tried and tested on board most types of vessels. These include super tankers, chemical tankers, bulk carriers, high speed and RoRo ferries, tugs, military ships and of course Superyachts.

Admiral ECS+ uses C-MAP Pro+ vector chart databases. For clients who wish to Subscribe to the Chart Database they can, by accessing the Real Time Update service (RTU), can be updated automatically by the Admiral ECS+ software. For large areas C-MAP charts cost substantially less than ENCs and unlike chart plotters the charts can be updated remotely. This means that no matter where in the world the vessel is, (providing the ship has contact with the outside world) updates for the chart database can be received and automatically applied by Admiral ECS at no extra cost. For clients who wish to Purchase Charts that option is also available, however the charts will not be able to be updated.

Admiral (Electronic Chart System) is installed in scores of vessels globally.


  • Waverunner
  • Griffin
  • Izumi
  • Domino


  • Rygerfjord
  • Sulafjord
  • Rygerkatt
  • Rygercruise
  • and more

Military patrol boats

  • Three boats in the Barbados Defence Force
  • Three boats in the Jamaican Defence Force


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